Monday, February 13, 2017

Second CaptainTeach Assignment

My first assignment with CaptainTeach was well received by students. They like getting that much feedback and were able to indicate the benefit of reviewing work to familiarize themselves with the instructor's expectations.  The negatives they mentioned were only superficial: CaptainTeach isn't the pretty, commercial software that they are accustomed to. They were able to distinguish between early release software and buggy software; the consensus being that, while not pretty, CaptainTeach works.

This week we are going to use CaptainTeach to have students review tests that they write for a problem statement. Students have a series of problems that they need to solve by the end of the week. The problems are divided into three levels. Today all students are to write series of tests for each of the first group of problems and submit a file with the ten problem statements and their accompanying tests.

My .yaml file for the Captain Teach assignment is below. I am asking students to provide in-line feedback for their classmates' tests, then rate the work on completeness and thoroughness.

name: Function Design Lab Tests
id: tests-1
description: Students review tests for simple functions.  
  - id: Submit-Tests
    instructions: Submit a Pyret file that contains only problem statements and at least three tests per problem. The file extension should be .arr. Your file should not contain your name. An example file name would be function_design_practice.arr. Problems should be labeled from 1 to 10. Problem statements are comments. Tests should be inside of check blocks.
      - student-submission:
          id: Review-Tests
          amount: 3
            - instruction: Review the tests submitted by your classmates. Add at least one inline comment for each test to provide feedback. Your feedback should first attempt to identify one test per problem that your classmate has completed successfully. Next your feedback should suggest possible parts of the domain that should also be tested. Suggest specific values that should be tested.
            - likert: 
                id: completeness
                text: Indicate the number of problems for which the classmate has submitted at least 3 tests.
                min-label: None
                max-label: All
                granularity: 10
            - likert: 
                id: thoroughness
                text: How thoroughly do the tests attempt to tests different values in the domain?
                min-label: Minimal testing
                max-label: Extensive testing
                granularity: 10