Sunday, February 5, 2017

First CaptainTeach Assignment

I assigned a reading from a computer science text book to my 10th grade CS Principles class. They started the summary in class on Friday and had to submit the first two sections of the chapter by the end of the period. The remaining three sections are due before school Monday morning.

I didn't get the quality that I wanted from the first sections submitted on Friday and I thought this might be a good time to start using CaptainTeach. Students will submit the first section of their summary to CaptainTeach and those submissions will be distributed to classmates for review. I've decided to combine the students who will be piloting, so students may receive feedback from a students who are not in their class section.

Here is my first CaptainTeach assignment. Assignments in CaptainTeach are written in a "data serialization format" called YAML. The most important thing to learn was that indentation matters. The assignment asks students to review their classmates summaries using two likert scale questions: (1) does the summary include all important information, (2) is the summary text-based. Finally students are asked to provide any missing information to the student as feedback.

name: PaPl Chapter 3 Summary
id: papl-3
description: Students read chapter 3 of Programming and Programming Languagues and develop a summary of each of the five sections.
  - id: section-1
    instructions: Submit your summary of section 1. Separate your summary of section 1 from the other sections and submit it separately.
      - student-submission:
          id: section-reviews
          amount: 3
            - instruction: Read your classmates summary and provide feedback.
            - likert: 
                id: completeness
                text: Does the summary include all of the elements found in the example?
                min-label: Incomplete
                max-label: Complete
                granularity: 5
            - likert: 
                id: text-based
                text: Is the summary rooted in the text without making inferences or including outside information?
                min-label: Not Text-Based
                max-label: Text-Based
                granularity: 5
            - free-form:
                id: missing-information
                text: If applicable, provide any missing detail to the student that should have been included in their summary.

I was think about having them submit all five sections from the chapter but I think it will be too much and this is really a first test to get the workflow figured out. The first challenge for students will be that they are used to working in Google Docs and have their chapter summary in a single document. They will have to move the first paragraph into a new document, download as a text file and upload to CaptainTeach. I'll need to see how they break down the workflow before planning a larger assignment.