Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Impact Lesson #3 - Introduction to Grace Hopper

Of course we want our students to know about Grace Hopper and in future years I hope to be able to able to offer a longer and more intimate introduction to students.  We began our introduction with a dive into an excerpt from the History of Computing website.  During the Impact unit students are annotating articles.  From their annotations they are either writing to prompts from the performance task or submitting into our class' computing innovations catalog.  We read and discussed Grace Hopper's contributions to computing with the enjoyment of sharing the "first computer science bug" anecdote and every student receiving a "nanosecond".  We watched Grace on Letterman and hoped that there's a new Google Doodle this year.  After our discussion we researched innovations that Grace contributed to directly: compilers and COBOL.  Students submitted catalog entries for their Grace Hopper related technology innovations.