Sunday, October 12, 2014

Unit 0 - Creativity

We began the year with a short introduction to design process and norming feedback.  As freshman students use a simplified design process: plan, build, test, and reflect.   We began the year with the same process.  We are structuring the course by dedicating a unit to each of the 7 big ideas in the CSP curriculum framework.  We will iterate on each of the units twice: once in the first semester once in the second.  Each semester culminates in a performance task.

In our second iteration of the creativity unit in the second semester we are going to expand the design process to include ideation  as we prepare to develop original programs that address an overarching theme.  The learning goal for a design process is problems are solved using an iterative process.  In sophomore CSP we started with a design challenge around what can be made with computers.  We normed giving feedback to student projects from last year.  Feedback should be specific, relevant and actionable.