Tuesday, October 14, 2014


gradescope.com is changing my relationship to assessment.  Subjectively graded student work is scanned in and then broken up into individual questions.  You grade work one question at a time using a rubric that you build up from student errors.

There is no difference in the grading itself; you still have to look at every question and award or take away a certain number of points.  The difference is in the speed and in the way students are receiving the feedback.  Keyboard shortcuts really speed up the grading process and I'm grading questions without identifying the student for the first time.

After grading is complete students receive an email with a link to their assessment.  They click through each question reading feedback.  Combined with a test corrections assignment this is the most reflective I've ever seen students be after receiving back a test.

When writing the rubric for each error I use formative assessment techniques that I'm learning from David Wees in his Math for America workshop.  Instead of right or wrong feedback I give students a question that they have to answer in their test corrections.  A test corrections document is shared via Doctopus and the students split their screens with the exam on one side and the corrections document on the other.